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Retaining Walls

Looking to change the look of your property and add some life into your Retaining Walls Have you been contemplating the addition of some retaining walls in the Gold Coast in order to break up the appearance? Need some reliable retaining wall experts to recommend what will work the best for your property? If you’re ... More

Brick walls as value additions

Bricklaying walls as value additions Outdoor water fountain installations Stone brick wall installations Structural elegance of the monasteries and the palaces are quite different from that of the layout beauty. Lawns and patios or the gardens are especially included in the facility to add on to the structural beauty ... More

Outdoor water features for beauty

Outdoor water features for beauty Water features can be used as centerpieces for your garden, creating a romantic ambiance and adding a unique decorative touch. BrickPlus Bricklaying & Water Features can custom build your water feature to make your dream a reality. Water features designed by BricksPlus are a ... More

Brick Walls

Retaining brick walls can be divided into two groups that yield nearly identical looking walls. The difference is in the method of construction and materials. This difference can have a big impact on the bottom line to the homeowner. Block Core Bricklaying Walls This method is far more common today since the invention of the ... More